Re-development ‘Kingfisher 39’

At Vondelpark in Amsterdam Old South, developer Cobraspen Group has delivered five stylish apartments. This beautiful redevelopment of an office building into a luxury apartment complex owes its name to the ice bird that lives in Vondelpark.

Building with a facelift
Cobraspen Group, together with the leading architectural firm Kentie & Partners Architekten, created the design for the transformation from an office building to stylish homes.

With love for the original design, the building has been given a facelift. The façade has been given a quality boost by adding hand-moulded bricks and by darkening and deepening the horizontal joints. On the other side, the aluminium façade was replaced with a much slimmer steel façade and spacious balconies were added.

The spacious floors have been rearranged. The building has been given a generous basement and a great terrace has been laid out on the roof near the penthouse. The characteristic marble staircase has been retained, as has the lift with the typical 1960’s round windows.

The homes are equipped with all modern conveniences and include a Niko Home Control system. With these innovations, Cobraspen develops a comfortable home.

Fictional history
Willemspark was designed in 1881 by J.G. van Niftrik as a villa park around the ponds that run into Vondelpark, Amsterdam. It was not until 1902 that the villa district between Vondelpark and Koninginneweg was built and named after King Willem III.

The German occupiers, however, were not amused by the Dutch royal family. All streets named after members of the royal family had to be renamed. The renaming of this street was prevented because Amsterdam officials told the Germans that the street was named after the fictitious British-Dutch composer ‘Willem Spark’. This went so far that in 1943 a lecture was organised in honour of Willem Spark’s birthday.


Amsterdam Oud-Zuid.


Re-development state-of-the-art offices into luxury apartments


Fictitious history to prevent the street’s name from changing.

Koningslaan 39

Kingfisher Building


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Kingfisher Building