Redevelopment ‘On Spot’

From theatre to apartments: A beautiful development realised by Cobraspen. The transformed apartments of On Spot are located in the heart of Haarlem.

Project ‘On Spot’
Close to the Grote Markt, on the corner of the Smedestraat and the Morinnesteeg, the project On Spot was realised. Where the theatre of De Toneelschuur used to be, are now beautiful apartments in a hidden residential area in the heart of Haarlem.

Based on the design by architects Kentie en Partners Architekten, the former theatre has been redeveloped by Cobraspen into new housing. It is a small-scale apartment complex spread over three layers of six apartments each, with seven additional apartments in the monumental main building. The building was restored in order to retain its monumental value. The high-quality finish and the use of materials complete the picture.

Former theatre
In 1970, De Toneelschuur theatre opened at Smedestraat 23. Material support was provided by Toneelgroep Centrum (theatre group), which also became the theatre’s permanent operator. The opening, on March 2nd 1970, was performed by this group with the production of ‘Baas boven baas’ (boss over boss) by Peter Handke.

The small auditorium in the Bavo building could seat 80 people. As one of the pioneers of flat-floor theatre in the Netherlands, the Toneelschuur has developed into a theatre where new repertoire is created and presented.

In 1976, a former shooting gallery on the ground floor became part of the theatre. This considerably larger auditorium with 162 seats was designed by architect Wiek Roling. This auditorium also had a flat floor with a variable playing surface of 140 m2. Under Roling’s direction, further improvements were made in 1988. Upholstered, movable and retractable stands were placed in both halls, giving the large hall 178 seats.

In 2003, when Toneelschuur 2 opened, this theatre was closed.


Smedestraat 23, Haarlem


Redevelopment from a former theatre to a small apartment complex.


From a merchant’s house to a theatre to an apartment complex. This building has seen it all.

Smedestraat 23

On Spot


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Location of On Spot