Earth Hour: the light at the Sugar Silos

Earth Hour, which has been organized every year since 2007, has started as a symbolic event in the Australian city of Sydney. It is now an international event where the lights go out with millions of households and hundreds of companies worldwide. The lights will also be extinguished on Saturday 24 March at the Sugar Silos on the SugarCity site in Halfweg.

The sponsor of the event, the World Wildlife Fund, calls for lighting and other electrical equipment in homes and businesses for 1 hour to extinguish. We also participate to show that the earth is important to us.

Did you know?
The savings of an average family that turns off one hour is 0.27 kWh, or 96 g CO2. If we do all together, we compensate the CO2 emissions of an average household for 5.7 days (

Have you already registered? Turn of the lights on Saturday evening, March 24 at 20:30 local time for 1 hour and enjoy this hour in the dark in a fun or cozy way. For example, you can go star-gazing in the open air or organize a candlelight dinner.